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MT14102 Fold Camping Shovel

MT14102  Fold Camping Shovel

MT14102 Fold Camping Shovel

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Multipurpose Camping Shovel: The various sections, each with a distinct purpose that differs from that of any and all of the others:
Shovel Board, Hexagonal Wrench, Saw, Bottle Opener, Sickle, Fire Bar, Compass, Safety Hammer, Screwdriver

This type of shovel is intended for all outdoor enthusiasts such as campers and others!
With this shovel, you can basically meet all of your outdoor activities' needs, making it the best choice for your outdoor sports!

Folding Shovel with Extension Rod: By twisting the lock, this camping shovel can be folded and expanded for secure storage and carrying.

Unlike traditional folding shovels, it has a handle made of segmented tubes.
On average, the handle wall thickness is 4.8mm.

Small first aid kit components, fishing gear or tackle, and other small items can be stored in the tube section. Practical and tactical capabilities!

Strong and durable: This survival shovel is made of high manganese steel.
As a result, it is long-lasting and resistant to harsh conditions.
The chromium-carbon alloy is extremely strong and rust-resistant.
The extension bars are made of aluminum alloy, which makes them lighter.

The camping shovel is a multifunctional tool that weighs only 2.8 pounds.
For those of you who enjoy outdoor adventures, you can easily adjust the length to three different lengths: 18in, 24in, and 30in.
It is long-lasting, compact, and sturdy, and it is very well built and engineered for a very low price.
So it's a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts, and it's easy to imagine how excited they'll be to receive it. Give it as a present to your family and friends!

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